At Student Loan Movement, our goal is to help educate individuals about all repayment options available that loan servicers do not inform them of.

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Student Loan Movement is the culmination of experienced financial professionals and executives from the consumer financial industry who realize the burgeoning epidemic federal student loans have become and are well versed on all borrower options, from consolidation to loan forgiveness and default resolution. We believe that no individual, not one student, graduated or not, should go broke or suffer because they chose to go to college and pursue their dreams.


The task of working on your student loans or exploring each of the federal repayment programs can be daunting at best and after years of witnessing the red tape, hardships, broken promises and failed programs normally offered to people seeking answers or solutions to their student loan problems, we decided it was time to get involved and give borrowers what they really need: straightforward answers and guaranteed solutions. With Student Loan Movement’s guidance, there are no promises of unrealistic or impossible outcomes, there are no over-promises, just genuine and true exposure to the actual federal programs and benefits that exist. We provide fast, honest, guaranteed solutions that are based on facts and experience, not hopes, dreams or best intentions. The path to success is always determined by action.


At Student Loan Movement we believe that conducting business in a professional, respectful, and timely manner is the cornerstone of our foundation and continued success. We pledge transparency and unequivocal assistance in understanding all of your federal student loan repayment options. We serve as a private advocacy group specializing in document preparation and processing services for qualifying Federal Student Loan programs enabling borrowers to find the most appropriate and beneficial Department of Education programs available. Our advancing and technological error detection software validates the individualized data each client provides to ensure accuracy in order to avoid delays in obtaining your program approval.

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